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Buying Purchase marine engines, movers, heavy-duty engines,
turbochargers, and industrial machinery, pre-sales,
Rebuilt goods, please leave!
Please sell us these parts. Please ask us any question by email.

Turbo Charger


<1> Turbo Charger

We want them!

We're going to but a Turbo Charger for Lighgt Truck, Big Truck(except automobile), for Generator, for Heavy equipment, for Industrial Machinery, for Ship.

Secondhand, Idle Machinery, Brand New (Year unquestioned) is OK. 

不要在庫品売って下さい We want to buy, if you have an Inventory adjustment goods. 1個でも I'd liked to buy the Generators, the Heavy equipments and the Construction Machineries.
倉庫 You are equipped with large warehouse for large goods any heavy equipment construction equipment generator engine. We have our Technology factory, our Large warehouse in Japan. P8040001
ニイガタエンジン2 We want to buy an engine from small one to big one, especially YANMAR. シーマロゴ&飛行機&船 We want to export the commodities purchased to the world.

※It's limited to those with no rattle into the impeller and turbine wheel.

※We are hope the commodities that it hold the feather part and it's no blurring.

※It doesn't matter actuator, even in oil pipe defects

DSC00051 (2)

We have a factory which make a remanufactured turbocharger.


We are looking for a secondhand generator. Please let us quote.


Please contact us by email.

Generator / Compressor / regular generator


<2> Generator / Compressor / regular generator

We want to buy.

We are looking for the secondhsnd Diesel Generator (10kva~1000kva).

Please contact us.

We are also looking for a Generator of ship.


We are also looking for a big engine.

Please sell us them.

We are looking for marine diesel engine supplier




<3> Engine

It's okay if it has been damaged.
We'd very much like to buy them. 

For  Truck (Except light truck), For heavy equipment, construction machine, marine, farm equipment,

for secondhand, new old, idle machinery, brand new. (Year unquestioned, quantity unquestioned)

For Outboard drive.

We'd like to buy a Engine of medium truck by expensive purchase!



DSC04304 即現金で

Alternator / Starter cooler / compressor


<4> We welcome to Alternator / Starter cooler / compressor.

Secondhand, New Old, Unused Machinery, Brand New, Year unquestioned

We are looking for a Machinery made by SAWAFUJI.

Of course, we'd like to buy a Machinery made by NIKKO、MITSUBISHI、DENSO

DSC00017 We'd like to buy a cooler compressor even if it's old. Please ask us by email.


<5> Other

Please consult us before you throw away it.  

14 15
PB130003 We can purchase them if they are the turbocharger even if they are a year unknown. ※ It's limited to those with no backlash to the turbine wheel and impeller. 17
18 DSC00055 (2) If you will come to Osaka, Please drop in our conpany. We'd like to tell each other. We are a factory tour welcome.

Catalyst(HINO) ■Mission(For truck) ■ Clutch booster ■ Air dryer
Def (damage Allowed) ■ Bike ■ Truck■ Industrial machinery ■Agricaltual machinery ■ Tester machine
■ Washer■ Ship(Fishing boat, tugboat) ■ CompressorPower shiftGear box

Power steering set (rack-and-pinion oil pump ■ Crane ■ Hoist
■Heavy Mchinery, Industrial Machinery
Please contact us by email.


We can buy Electrical component.


Please sell us the secondhand mission and engine for truck.


We'll purchase everything.(except some parts) Please contact us by email.

TEL:+81-6-6195-1719  FAX:+81-6-6195-1713


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